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About Voipswitch software

The Voipswitch Class 5 switch is a very powerful and flexible "software" that enables ITSPs to become VOIP operators. The switch supports all the multitude requirements of Internet Telephony including calling cards, call shops, devices, PC/Mobile Dialers, wholesale origination and termination. The softswitch also provides support to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in integration with the Switch, prepaid and postpaid business models. Voipswitch has an extremely user friendly interface, which allows service providers to control their business operations very. Voipswitch has a special web portal feature.Your clients can control their "Mobile dialers" add on credit, forward a phone call and listen to their answer machine, through the internet via any PC or internet connection.  The Web Portal is offered as a part of the VoipSwitch package and comes with a set of exemplary design templates. As an optional service we provide also custom-made designs.

Voipswitch Mobile software includes an application that enables VoIP calls from mobile phones using Voipswitch Mobile dialers. Your clients can make VoIP call from their mobile phone using your VoIP service, and Voipswitch let's you do the branding of your service as an operator. The voipswitch dialers for both the Andoid and Apple operating systems includes Video conferencing, the possibility of sending SMS, chat functionalities, answer machine and many more features. With the mass deployment of 3G/Wi-Fi networks across the globe and advanced data services, calling from a mobile handset using VoIP technology is becoming the natural trend. Voipswitch enables VoIP calling through mobile phones.

Voipswitch supports all the major operating systems including: Symbian, Apple, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android platforms. To use Mobile VoIP services, cell phone users simply need to download the mobile dialer, which is a software application, to their mobile handset. Once downloaded and configured with the service providers account details, cell phone users can start making VoIP calls from their regular cell phones. The call will be connected via GPRS/3G/4g or Wi-Fi.